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Mount Abu

A pleasant retreat set amidst the lush forested hills, Mt Abu is a green oasis in the barren deserts cape that's Rajasthan.The only hill resort of Rajasthan, situated at the highest peak of the Aravali at an altitude of 1220 meters.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is situated in the heart of the city and is a great attraction with tourists. It is a magnificent lake encircled by green hills and rock formations. It is believed that the lake was dug out by gods by their nails (nakh) and hence the name "Nakki". The lake is also a pilgrimage for Hindus, as it is believed to be as sacred as the holy 'Ganga'.Nakki lake is 5-10 minutes walking distance from Hotel Sunset inn.

Sunset Point

Situated 2 km towards southwest of Nakki lake is the Sunset Point. It offers a splendid view during the dusk hours, when you can view thousands of feet down towards the plains with the sun setting in the horizon.Sunset point is 5-10 minutes walking distance from Hotel Sunset inn.


Other Places

There are many places for visiting like Delwara Temple,Adhar Devi Temple,Gaumukh Temple,Achalgarh Fort,Toad Rock,Honeymoon Point,Wild Life Sanctuary,Temple of Raghunath ji,Other Gardens & Parks.


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